RFN Academy is designed to support business owners and professional advisors who want to be part of a collaborative learning community.

Business owners can increase their knowledge about value acceleration and the benefits of a transition-ready business. No matter the size of your business or where you are on the path to transition readiness, we will offer relevant and timely solutions.

Professional advisors can increase their knowledge and skill-set to better help transitioning business owners achieve the highest valuation possible.
SVA Value Accelerators has changed their name to RFN Advisory Group.

RFN Advisory Group’s mandate remains the same: help business owners enhance defend and harvest value.

Our core belief at RFN Advisory Group is that Transition-Ready Businesses Are More Valuable.™
RFN Cities offers economic development solutions for cities, communities and chamber organizations.

RFN Cities is a community preparedness and business retention program that provides cities with an approach to mitigating transition risk for small and medium businesses

Our RFN Cities Business Disruption Rating shows communities the risk within their community.